What Beer Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells a total of 19 different beer brands.

  1. Kirkland Pale Ale (Kirkland Pale Ale) (APA) We’ll start with one of their specialty beverages to get things started. It has 5.4 percent alcohol by volume, making it an extremely drinkable beer.
  2. Bud Light is a beer produced by Budweiser. In some states, you do not need a Costco membership card to purchase alcohol at the warehouse club.
  3. Kirkland India Pale Ale is a pale ale brewed in Kirkland, Washington (IPA) Many of the Kirkland Signature Craft Brews will be included in this section of the website.

Does Costco sell beer in the US?

Also, do you know whether Costco carries any beer? Costco operates more than 460 shops in the United States, with 373 locations in 40 states selling wine, 266 sites in 31 states selling spirits, and 405 locations in 41 states selling beer.

Can you buy alcohol at Costco in Utah?

In certain states, such as Utah, alcoholic beverages can only be purchased via state-run establishments, such as bars. Is it possible to purchase booze at Costco in Montana? Costco may only sell beer and wine in Oregon, according to the state’s regulations. It is necessary to purchase Hard Liquor from an authorized state liquor store.

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Can you buy liquor at Costco without a membership?

Alcoholic drinks are exclusively available for purchase in state-run establishments in some states, such as Utah and New York. In Montana, is it possible to purchase booze from Costco? Beer and wine are the only things that Costco can sell in Oregon. To purchase Hard Liquor, you must visit a State Controlled Liquor Store.

What kind of beers does Costco sell?

There are a variety of brands available, including Bud, Bud lite, Coors Light, Sam Adams (Sam Adams Light), Guinness (Guinness Light), Corona (Corona Heineken), Blue Moon (Pacifico), Stella Artois (Stella Artois), and I believe they have some Kirkland private label as well.Outside of Bud, BudLight, Corona, and Kirkland beer, it appears to me that everything else is a regional product ( I am in MA never heard of Pacifico)

Is beer sold at Costco?

Not an issue in the following states: Arizona; California; Colorado; Connecticut; Delaware; Hawaii; Indiana; Kentucky; Massachusetts; Michigan; Minnesota; New York; Texas; and Vermont; If you live in the area, you are welcome to shop at Costco for wine, beer, and spirits without having to obtain a membership card.

Does Costco sell Stella Artois?

Costco sells a 24-pack of Stella Artois (5 percent ABV) for $22.99, which is a good deal.

Who makes Kirkland beer for Costco?

The reason for this is that, according to The Takeout, Costco contracts its beers from two different breweries: Matt Brewing and Gordon Biersch, which also operates under the name Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co. Kirkland beers are produced by each brewery for distribution to Costco stores located on opposite ends of the United States.

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Did Costco stop selling Corona beer?

After getting negative feedback, including one that claimed the beer tasted like a ″urine-soaked diaper,″ they decided to discontinue the brew in 2018. Fortunately, popular light beers such as Corona and Bud Light are both inexpensive and widely available. When you shop at Walmart, a 12-pack of Corona Extra bottles costs less than $14.

Does Costco sell Guinness beer?

A selection of Guinness beers, as well as other beverages, are available in select Costco warehouses. There is a wide selection of ingredients for cooking and baking accessible in warehouses as well as online at Costco.com, through the Costco-Grocery division. There are two types of beer: regular beer and Guinness Stout.

Is beer at Costco cheaper?

As it turns out, Costco is the best option for the vast majority of things, and there is no competition. If you’re merely looking to acquire the most beer for the least amount of money, Tecate and Coors Light 36-packs are available for $22.49 (about 62 cents per drink) and PBR 24-packs are available for $13.99 (roughly 62 cents per beer) at the liquor store (about 58 cents a beer).

Does Costco sell kegs of beer?

Prostitutes, five gallons for $19.99! The items in Costco’s current inventory are all about providing members with everything they need to have a delightful summer.

Does Costco sell Sierra Nevada beer?

However, while Costco sells classic bulk versions of more common beers such as Coors, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Kona Brewing Company, and other popular brands, these beers are often offered in single 22oz bottles and exhibited more like their wine assortment.

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What happened Kirkland beer?

Kirkland-brand light beer has left a lasting legacy. Ouch. Costco determined in 2018 that perhaps its consumers were correct in their assessment that the beer was not the firm’s most remarkable product offering, and the corporation opted to discontinue sales of the beer entirely.

Does Costco in Florida sell beer?

Costco ″is licensed as both a retail alcohol dealer and a restaurant at over 100 sites across Florida,″ according to the company’s lawyer, D. GrayRobinson of GrayRobinson & Associates.

How much is a case of Corona at Costco?

In any case, you may pick it up at Costco for your next get-together, Super Bowl party, or anything else you have planned. Corona Extra Imported Mexican Beer is available in a 24-pack of 12 oz bottles for $23.69. The Corona Extra Imported Mexican Beer is available in a 24-pack of 12 oz bottles for $23.69.

Who makes Kirkland seltzer?

The simple truth is that Kirkland Hard Seltzer is manufactured by Patco Brands, which also manufactures the Mystic Reef brand of soda for Target. The flavor profiles of the two brands, in my opinion, are pretty close to one another.

How much is Stella Artois beer?

Prices for Stella Artois Beer in the United States

Type Size Avg Price
Stella Artois 12pk – 11oz Bottle $13.50
24pk – 11oz Bottle $25
6pk – 11oz Cans $8
12pk – 11oz Cans $13.50

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