How Many Oz In A Beer Pitcher?

In this container, you may fill three pint glasses, five 12 ounce glasses, or six 10-ounce glasses with 60 ounces of liquid.

How many milliliters in a pitcher of beer?

In order to simplify things, let’s assume that one ounce = 29.5735 ml, which is the milliliter equivalent of one ounce in the metric system. As you can see from the table, a pitcher of 60 ounces holds 1,774.41 mL. In other words, if you order a pitcher of beer that holds 60 ounces, you will receive about 1.8 liters of beer.

How many ounces in a pitcher?

Having said that, because there are three conventional sizes in the United States, the amount of liquid contained in a pitcher will vary. Pourers, whether made of plastic or glass, stainless steel or any other material, are frequently available in 32oz, 48 oz, and 60 oz capacity measurements.

How many cups are in a 32-ounce pitcher?

Beer pitchers with capacities of 32 ounces, 48 ounces, and 60 ounces of beer are available from restaurant suppliers, with the majority of taverns and restaurants opting for 48- or 60-ounce pitchers. The normal cup of beer offered in taverns and restaurants has 12 ounces of liquid. As a result, a 32-ounce pitcher may carry approximately 2 2/3 standard cups of beer.

How many cups is a 48 oz pitch of beer?

A 48 oz pitch of beer yields 4 cups, but a 60 oz pitch of beer yields 5 cups (see table below). You could also obtain a 32 oz pitch, which would provide three glasses of beer of 12 ounces each.

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