Question: How To Correctly Shotgun A Can Of Beer?

To shotgun, you simply hold your can of beer horizontally, poke a hole in the lower side opposite the actual can opening, put said hole to your mouth, turn the beer so it’s vertical, open the beer “traditionally,” and let the magic of physics and atmospheric pressure force the beer into your mouth without any

How do you shotgun a 12 oz can?

How to Shotgun Beer Fast

  1. Step 1: Create a shotgun hole. Using a sharp object, like a knife or a key, poke a dime-sized hole in the side of your beer can, roughly an inch from the bottom.
  2. Step 2: Get ready to shotgun your beer.
  3. Step 3: Open the beer can.
  4. Step 4: Chug your beer.

How do I get better at shotgunning beer?

Here are some extra tips on shotgunning a beer faster and more efficiently:

  1. Aluminum Can – Make sure that the beer can is made from aluminum.
  2. Choose a light beer – Heavy or flavored beer will be more difficult to drink quickly.
  3. Push Hard – When using your thumb, push real hard, and the can will open.
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Can you rub a beer can to shotgun?

Cans don’t puncture for the timid. Use the palm of your hand and your fingers to brace the back of the can for support. You can also enlist your other hand if you need. As you push, do so in an inward fashion so your thumb isn’t scraped by the aluminum, then proceed to shotgun like it’s an everyday occurance.

How do you shotgun a beer for the first time?

To shotgun a beer, first take an unopened beer can and hold it sideways. Use a key or screwdriver to puncture a hole in the can near the bottom. Be careful to push any sharp edges inside the can, and to hold it horizontally at all times. Take a deep breath and exhale before you start drinking so it’s easier to chug.

What is the easiest beer to shotgun?

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a classic choice when it comes to a beer that is easy to drink. Other good drinks featured on this top beer to chug list include Coors Light, Red Stripe, and Lone Star. Which beer do you think is the best for chugging?

How do you poke holes in a can?

Hammer Nails to Make Holes Next, find the most comfortable way to hammer nails into the can, poking holes where you’ve made Sharpie dots. You can use a cordless drill to speed this step up, but it is not necessary to get so high-tech. Remember, the more holes you poke, the more dramatic the lanterns will be.

What is the secret to chugging beer?

Take a deep breath While you’re chugging, the key to getting the beer down as quickly as possible is not stopping to breathe, so taking a deep breath before you start will give you enough air to sink the beer before you need another lungful of air.

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How can I drink beer faster?

Lean your head back slightly, open your throat and take a half breath right before drinking your pint. 5. Swing the glass so the beer rushes to the back of your throat. The trick is to swallow right before the liquid actually hits your throat, because the beer will essentially just pour down your throat.

Which is the best beer to drink?

31 Best Beers To Drink In India For The Beer Snob In You

  1. Kingfisher. Source.
  2. Tuborg. Source.
  3. Carlsberg. Source.
  4. Budweiser. Source.
  5. Heineken. Source.
  6. Corona. Source.
  7. Bira 91. Source.
  8. Foster’s. Source.

How do you open a beer to shotgun without it spraying?

Tilt the beer Tilt the beer horizontally so that you can poke a whole where your mouth goes. Make sure the bottom part of the can is a little higher so that there’s an air bubble. When you poke the air pocket, it prevents the beer from spraying everywhere.

How do you shotgun a beer without puking?

10 Tricks To Drinking As Much As You Want Without Throwing Up

  1. Don’t Go Overboard Mixing Your Drinks.
  2. Don’t Mix Energy Drinks With Alcohol.
  3. Take Antacids Half An Hour Before You Start Drinking.
  4. Ginger And Elaichi Kill Nausea In No Time.
  5. Eat Before You Head Out.
  6. Milk To The Rescue.
  7. Ice Cubes Are Important In A Drink.

Can Shotgunning tool?

The shotgun tool creates a clean hole on the end of cans for shotgunning in seconds, and is much safer than gouging at a can with a knife to make a hole. The design was made to be as compact as possible so you hardly notice the opener on your keychain.

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