Often asked: Where Is Iron Jack Beer Brewed?

The Legendary Brewing Co. brings together some of the longest-standing breweries in Australia to celebrate the great Australian pastime of spinning a yarn over a cold one. Iron Jack is the premiere beer from new Australian trademark – The Legendary Brewing Co.

Where is Iron Jack beer made?

Brewed with Australia’s hot, rugged climate in mind.

Is Iron Jack Australian owned?

Other Australian brands Other Australian beer breweries and labels owned by Lion as of December 2020 are Hahn, Emu/Swan, James Boag, Little Creatures, Iron Jack (Sydney), and Furphy (brewed in Geelong, Victoria), White Rabbit, and Kosciuszko.

Is Iron Jack made by XXXX?

“ Legendary Brewing Co. is a brand that brings together our collection of traditional breweries of XXXX, Tooheys, West End and James Boag’s – that have come together to tell Australian stories.”

Is Iron Jack a good beer?

There is some very, very slight malt character in the mid-palate but there’s bugger-all else going on here. It’s a 3.5 per cent beer but it doesn’t so much taste thin, like other mid-strengths. Instead, it tastes watery, as if they made a full-strength beer and dropped the alcohol content by diluting it with water.

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What strength is iron Jack beer?

IRON JACK is a 3.5% mid-strength lager brewed with our hot, rugged climate in mind.

Is Iron Jack beer made by Tooheys?

About Legendary Brewing Co. The first beer to be produced by the LBC trademark is IRON JACK, which celebrates legendary outdoorsmen who thrive in Australia’s hot, rugged country. The LBC was also inspired by the great Australian breweries; Boag’s (1883), Castlemaine (1878), Tooheys (1869) and West End (1859).

Who is Iron Jack beer made by?

Brewed for thirst-crushing refreshment, Legendary Brewing Co.’s Iron Jack is a relatively mild tasting, mid-strength lager with low body and mild bitterness to produce an incredibly easy-drinking beer for maximum refreshment under the heat of our Australian sun.

Is Iron Jack beer vegan?

Yes, Iron Jack is 100% vegan-friendly and preservative-free.

Is Iron Jack crisp mid strength?

Iron Jack Crisp Australian Lager is a mid-strength, contemporary Australian Lager brewed with our hot, rugged climate in mind. And to top it off Iron Jack is preservative free and has 30% less carbs than regular full and mid strength beers.

Who was Iron Jack?

Inspired by tales of legendary Australian outdoorsmen, Iron Jack is the story of a man who embraces the freedom and challenge of this hot, rugged country. He built his reputation on his conquests in the wild and by spinning a good yarn over a cold beer, while sharing a generous feast of his day’s catch.

Who owns Lion Nathan?

Great Northern is owned by Carlton & United Breweries, Australia’s biggest beer maker which commands almost 50 per cent market share.

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Is Iron Jack beer low carb?

The Beer. Iron Jack’s Crisp Australian Lager is brewed with our hot, rugged climate in mind. With the bitterness kept low for maximum refreshment. Our Crisp Australian Lager is preservative free and has 30% less carbs than regular full and mid strength beers.

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