Often asked: How To Run A Beer Festival?

Here are some things to keep in mind to plan your own amazing beer festival.

  1. Go By The Book. Obtain the necessary permits or risk getting shut down the day of the event.
  2. Location, Location, Location.
  3. More Than Just Beer.
  4. Other Important Party Guests.
  5. Ready, Set, Promote!
  6. Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst.

How do you organize a beer festival?

8 Tips For Planning the Ultimate Beer Festival

  1. Choose the Right Date and Location.
  2. Consider all Legalities.
  3. Secure Insurance.
  4. Stock up on Ice.
  5. Offer lots of Food Options.
  6. Discuss Ticket Sales with Brewers.
  7. Think About Festival Layout.
  8. Nail the Branding and Advertising.

How do beer festivals make money?

Blended events which are festivals that are put on by an event company with a charity attached and they give a portion of the proceeds to the charity. Some of these festivals pay the brewery for beer and some ask for the beer to be donated.

How do beer festivals work?

Without getting too technical, a beer festival is any event at which you purchase a ticket to drink a variety of beers. That’s a pretty broad definition. Especially with the amount of ‘beer festivals’ these days… It can be hard to tell for sure until you’re there– festivals can change from year-to-year.

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What should I bring to beer tasting?

For any tasting party, lots of finger foods and bite-sized treats are a must. You obviously want things that go well with beer. Peanuts and popcorn are great fillers. Beef Sliders, soft pretzels, Lit’l Smokies, and even cheese and pepperoni are simple and delicious snacks to complement beer.

Is Beerfest a real thing?

Beerfest is a silly film about two American brothers (with German descent) training for an underground beer-drinking competition at Oktoberfest. While beer is a very big part of the festival, it is actually considered a German folk and culture festival.

What is beer fear?

It’s called hangover guilt Hangover guilt, sometimes known as the “beer fear,” is something many experience after a night of too much drinking. When you wake up with a sore head and a foggy memory, you can quickly jump to feeling anxious about what happened the night before.

How many beers is a beer tasting?

At 3-4 ounces per pour, six beers is a good number – eight, max. You want folks to be tasting, discussing and evaluating, which they’ll struggle to do if they have too many beers clouding their judgment! 3. Think of your glassware needs.

How do you make beer tasting fun?

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Know your audience. Planning your guest list is key when it comes to hosting a tasting.
  2. Get advice from your local expert.
  3. Think about breaking out the big guns.
  4. Get the right glasses.
  5. Go in the correct order.
  6. Cleanse the palate.
  7. Plan for snacks.
  8. Take notes—or don’t.

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