Often asked: How To Open Beer Bottle Without Opener?

  1. Any available edge or countertop. Just place one edge of the bottle cap on top of the table, hold the neck of the bottle tight, and use your other hand to slam down on the bottle.
  2. A dollar bill.
  3. A lighter.
  4. A ring.
  5. A key.
  6. A belt buckle.
  7. A door.
  8. A fork or spoon.

How do you open a beer bottle with a key?

Keys. Use your dominant hand to slide the long side of your key under the cap, then twist the key upward to loosen the cap. You might have to turn the bottle a bit and repeat until it finally comes clean off.

How do you open a beer bottle with scissors?

Snip it Off with Scissors When you need to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener, try this tip. Grab a pair of strong scissors and grab a piece of the bottle cap with the scissors. Start twisting upward and repeat around the cap until it pops off.

How do you pop a beer cap with your thumb?

The Belt-buckle Method: First begin by removing your belt and fitting an edge of the buckle tightly over the bottle cap. Then using your thumb, push up hard on the other edge of the buckle and the cap should pop right off.

Is Martinelli’s a twist off?

It’s a regular pry-off bottle cap. No cork or twist-off. It has a plastic white covering with one of those ridged metal covers under it which used to be on soda (coke) bottles.

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How do you open a bottle without a bottle opener scissors?

7 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

  1. Twist It Out With a Key. This is the next best method of opening a beer bottle, with the finest, sharpest keys securing the greatest results.
  2. Apply Lip Balm.
  3. The Highlighter Method.
  4. Use Some Scissors.
  5. The Folded Paper Method.
  6. Put a Ring on It.
  7. The Classic Countertop.

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