Often asked: How Much Is A Beer On A Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Here are the average Royal Caribbean drinks prices:

Drink Price
Beer $7 – $8
Glass of wine $9 – $20
Cocktail $8 – $13
Soft drink $3

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How much is a pint of beer on Royal Caribbean?

Beer – $7.49. Glass of wine – $8 to $16+ Cocktail – $13.

Can just one person buy drink package on Royal Caribbean?

You may purchase a beverage package up to 72 hours before you sail, online at Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner. As this is a personal package, only one beverage per guest will be served. No, packages can be purchased by individual guests. All packages are for single guest use and cannot be shared by multiple people.

Is Royal Caribbean drink package really unlimited?

The drink packages really are unlimited While other cruise lines may impose limits on their unlimited alcohol packages, Royal Caribbean has no such rule. The answer is, there is no limit on the unlimited alcohol package and no daily caps on how many beverages you can get.

Is Royal Caribbean key worth it?

The Key program package is not worth it if … Royal Caribbean’s suite accommodations include a variety of VIP perks, some of which overlap with The Key. If you’re in a suite, you don’t need to pay extra for this package too. You don’t plan to take advantage of its offerings.

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Is water free on Royal Caribbean?

Your Royal Caribbean cruise will come with certain beverages included in your cruise fare, which means you can enjoy as much of these beverages as you like throughout your cruise at no additional cost. The free drinks on your Royal Caribbean cruise include: tap water.

Are drinks expensive on cruise ships?

Drinks packages on ships often are quite pricey, and they only make sense if you’re a big spender on drinks — a really big spender. Carnival, for instance, charges as much as $59.95 (about £46) per person, per day for its Cheers! drinks package.

Are drink packages worth it on cruise ships?

Bottom line: Drink packages can be completely worth it for some passengers. For others, they aren’t such a great deal. That said, be sure to do the math (check out our Drink Package Calculator here) and make the right choice.

Can you bring a 12 pack of soda on Royal Caribbean?

Specifically, you can bring up to 12 standard (17 oz.) cans, bottles or cartons per stateroom of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage (soda, bottled water, etc).

Is Starbucks included in Royal Caribbean drink package?

Is Starbucks included in Royal Caribbean drink packages? On Royal Caribbean ships that have a freestanding Starbucks kiosk, the beverage package cannot be used to pay for Starbucks beverages. Instead, guests with a beverage package can get their premium coffee and teas from Cafe Promenade or other locations.

How much is Royal Caribbean unlimited dining package?

Royal Caribbean Unlimited Dining Package Details Similar to a beverage package, the Unlimited Dining Package on Royal Caribbean must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise. Current pricing is $29/day for Quantum and Oasis-class ships and $24/day for all other ships for a typical 7-night itinerary.

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