FAQ: Where Is Bundaberg Ginger Beer Made?

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is brewed in the town of Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia. We are an Australian Family Owned business and have been brewing our Ginger Beer for over 50 years.

How much alcohol is in Bundaberg ginger beer?

To remove alcohol traces, we heat the brew to 70 degrees celsius, killing yeast, halting fermentation and removing alcohol. Once our brews are bottled, they have an alcohol content of less than 0.2%.

When was Bundaberg ginger beer created?

1960. Established in Bundaberg in 1960, we’ve been delivering premium beverages from our family-owned brewery for over 40 years.

Where does ginger beer come from?

Ginger beer is a soft, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage that originated in Jamaica. As its name does not indicate, it is not beer but a fermented, non-alcoholic drink made from ginger, water and sugar. It is obtained by bottling a liquid based on fresh ginger when molasses fermentation begins using baker’s yeast.

Why does Bundaberg rum taste so bad?

“A rum’s taste really depends on where the sugar cane comes from,” he says. At 37 percent alcohol by volume, Bundaberg Original is no more potent than other rums on the market, but Australian mythology insists that the stuff brings out the worst in those who drink it.

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Why is the Bundaberg logo a polar bear?

In 1961, the company introduced the polar bear as its unusual choice of mascot, to imply that the rum could ward off the coldest chill.

Is ginger beer good for weight loss?

It is not advisable to drink ginger beer or ginger ale for weight loss. These drinks usually contain high amounts of added sugar. However, drinking or making ginger kombucha or kefir without added sugar may be beneficial.

Can kids drink ginger beer?

Ginger ale is a soft drink flavored with the root of a plant known as ginger. It has a sweet yet spicy flavor. Even though it has the name ale, which can be another word for beer, it is not beer. It can be enjoyed by all ages.

Is there any alcohol in ginger beer?

While the name Ginger Beer may suggest that this beverage doesn’t necessarily have alcohol content in it, Ginger Beer is actually a non-alcoholic drink. This beverage is less sweet than ginger ale, and has a little more flavor in it, which is why so many people love using it for cocktails.

Does America have ginger beer?

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is the latest Australian company to become a huge success in the United States. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is traditionally known for its ginger beer but also produces and sells a large variety of other soft drink flavours. Bundaberg drinks are being sold in American supermarkets and bars.

What is ginger beer in America?

Fast-forward to today, and ginger beer is a non-alcoholic beverage with a robust, spicy and aromatic flavor. It’s made with a blend of ginger, water and sugar that’s fermented with yeast, then carbonated and bottled.

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Is Bundaberg ginger beer good?

A classic, you can’t go wrong with Bundaberg. A perfect balance of sweetness and spice, and clearly made with lots of fresh ginger. It’s one of the most enjoyable ginger beers to drink straight, but also makes a great base for mixed cocktails. It’s on the sweeter side with just a hint of spice.

Is ginger beer high in sugar?

The average glass of ginger beer contains a whopping 38.5g of sugar – the equivalent of just over eight teaspoons – according to the research by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open.

Is ginger beer good for your stomach?

According to studies conducted by the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, ginger beer enhances digestion and helps food move smoothly through the stomach. Ginger’s active substances gingerol and shogaol are effective agents in relieving stomach irritation and other digestive discomforts.

Where is ginger beer in Walmart?

Walmart – Walmart stocks ginger beer from brands like Barritt’s and Q in the soda and beer and wine aisles. Check the store locator for product availability information in any Walmart store.

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